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Great Pamir Highway

ITINERARY: Osh city – Sarymogol – Lenin Peak base camp - Karakгl lake – Murgab – Alichur – Wakhan valley – Ishkashim – Khorog city – Darvoz (Kalaikhum) district – Dushanbe city

Day 1. Osh – Sarymogol village – Tulparkol lake at Lenin Peak base camp, 5 – 6 hr

Breakfast. Drive to Sarymogol village, 4hr. A nice valley opens up when you reach Taldyck pass (3600 meter) with green pastures and yaks grazing around. Arrival in Sarymogol village and cross the bridge to get to yurt camp at Tulparkol lake (3500 m) next to the base camp of Lenin Peak, 1hr. Enjoy the beauty of snowcapped mountains of Lenin Peak (7134 m). Walk around the lake. Overnight & dinner in yurt.

Day 2. Tulparkol lake – border crossings – Karakul lake – 5 – 6 hr

Early breakfast. Take a day hike from your yurt camp to the Traveler’s pass at 4130 meters, 3 hrs. Enjoy the beauty of glaciers while walking up to the pass. Rest at the top of the Traveler’s pass to gaze at glaciers tumbling off the massive peak. Back to your yurts, 2 hrs. Lunch in a yurt. Drive to the check point, 2hr. Cross the borders and travel to Karakul lake, 2 hrs. Totally different landscape opens up confirming that it is Tajikistant. Be accommodated in a guesthouse. Short walk in the village.

Day 3. Karakul lake - Murgab village – Observatory hill – Alichur village, 6-7 hr

Travel goes on to Murgab via the highest pass Akbaital (4655 m) you will ever do in Tajikistan, 3hr. Take photos of glaciers on the pass. Lunch in Murgab village. Head on to Alichur village. We take a detour to Observatory hill. You will see nice view of Muztak Ata peak of China on top of the hill if no clouds on the sky. Down the hill there is a soviet truck full of skulls of Marco Polo sheep inside. Once upon a time it was a hunting camp. Back to the main road and drive to Alichur village. Overnight and dinner in a guesthouse.

Day 4. Bulungkul lake – Kargush pass – Wakhan valley - Yamg village, 5-6 hr

Breakfast. Take a detour to visit Bulunkul and the Yashylkul lakes with nice hot springs. Drive back to the main road and head up to the Kargush pass (4 344m). After the pass, drive down to Afghanistan border for another check point to check your GBAO permit. Road follows the river Pamir all the way to Wakhan corridor with the chance to admire the Big Pamir of Afghanistan with nomadic Afghan Kyrgyz caravans. Great rugged Hindu Kush mountain ranges welcome you right before entering Wakhan valley. Overnight and dinner in a friendly home stay in Yamg village.

Day 5. Yamg village – Yamchun fortress - Ishkashim village – Khorog city, 5-6 hr

Breakfast. Right after you leave your guesthouse, we do a detour on the way to admire the 12th century Yamchun Fortress rising from a platform of natural rock. Walk up to edge of the fort and you will have amazing view of Wakhan valley. Further up the hillside are located the hot springs of Bibi Fatima, with its crystal waters rich in minerals. Another fortress Khaaka comes up along the way at Namadgut village when you get closer to Ishkashim village. It is worth a 10 minutes stop. Continue to driving to Khorog city. Afternoon, visit the interesting Regional Museum and Central Park of Khorog city. Evening hike in a Botanical Garden that has various plants and trees to explore. Dinner at a cafe. Night in a hotel.

Day 6. Khorog to Darvoz (Kalaikhum), 5–6 hr

Breakfast. Travel to Darvoz district. Gorgeous road goes along the river up to the Vanj valley where road widens up. Road continues along the Afghan border up to Kalaikhum village with picturesque scenery. Arrival in Kalaikhum village and be accommodated in a guesthouse.

Day 7. Kalaikhum to Dushanbe, 5–6 hr

Breakfast. Travel to Dushanbe along the Pang river with amazing views and traveling through numerous local villages. Deep rocky valleys and gorgeous mountains accompany you up to the Shurobod pass before Kulab village. Lunch in a Chaikana (local cafes). Visit 11th century Hulbuk Palace on the way and enjoy the views of world’s highest hydro power station Nurek in a distance. Arrival in Dushanbe. Accommodation in your hotel.

Trekking options: you can add following day treks to this trip. Then the price given will change slightly. We have GPS or KML of all treks if you would like to do them without guide.

1) Camel riding around Rangkul lake

2) Day trek from Pshart to Madyan valley around Murgab village

3) Day hike Panorama Ridge at Kargush pass

4) Day trek in Wakhan valley to Engels Peak

5) Hiking in Jiseu valley

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CBT Kyrgyzstan Festivals

Go to this link for more info on festivas across Kyrgyzstan:


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CBT Alay

CBT Alay is a local NGO located in Gulcha village. It was registered and began to work in 2007. The goal of the group is to promote jailoo tourism in Alay valley and help locals to generate profit from offering services to tourists. Over the last 6 years, it has developed trekking, hiking and yurtstays. CBT Alay runs its office in Osh city to attract tourists to its destinations. Currently, it has seven permanent workers to who run CBT Alay.

The wise regent of Alay, Kurmanjan Datka, loved her motherland. She lived about a century and was permanently delighted by the nature of the Great Alay : the wide and fertile Alay Valley, celestial mountains of Alay Range and healing thermal springs. If you would like to visit Alay, the group of CBT Alay would be more than glad to welcome you and offer you various tours and programs. Here you can see the geographical peculiarities of these places-combinations of high mounts, small hills - adyrs and submontane trough. The unique beauty of Alay Valley will be revealed when you will go up to the Chiyrchyk Pass on the back of the horse (80 km from Osh town). In the Jyluu Suu area hot mineral springs, famous with its curative properties are found. You can visit Jailoo – high altitude summer pastures – Kara-Bulak, Chyirchyk, Taldy-Suu. Nearly every family has members that are handicraft workers; they make “kurak” (patchworks), “terme” (wicker-work) and “saima” (embroidery). Silver works masters would show you their fine works. In Gulcho you can stay in cozy guesthouses along the way to Erkechtam (Chinese border). You will feel very comfortable in our guesthouses and the hosts will be looking forward your visit. They will certainly welcome you and your family with Kyrgyz hospitality.




http://cbtkyrgyzstan.kg/images/office.gif" >280 Kurmanjan Datka St. (2nd floor, hotel "Alay"), Osh Oblast, Kyrgyzstan


http://cbtkyrgyzstan.kg/images/phone.gif" >phone:++996 3222 20276, ++ 996 555 077621


Contact person: Talant Toksonbaev

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CBT Sary-Mogol

CBT Sarymogol is a local NGO located in Sarymogol village. It was registered and began to work in 2007. The goal of the group is to promote jailoo tourism in Alay valley and help locals to generate profit from offering services to tourists. Over the last 6 years, it has developed trekking, hiking and yurtstays. CBT Sarymogol runs its office in Sarymogol village to attract tourists to its destinations. Currently, it has seven twenty members actively involved in developing the organization.

”Sary-Mogol” does not say us something, but if you want to reach Lenin Peak, you should go first to Sary-Mogol Village, which is situated on the foot of Lenin Peak. Pamir-Alay mountain ranges constitute the basis of mountainous system of South Kyrgyzstan.The highest point, Lenin Peak, is situated in Alay Valley, and rise above Chon-Alay Range – 7134 meters above sea-level. These ranges have an alpine relief, thus the highest areas covered by snow and glaciers. In Osh oblast there are 1,5 thousand glaciers, with total volume of 1546,3km3. The biggest glaciers are in Chon-Alay Range (total area of 693, 3km2,and in number of 215). Amongst these glaciers are Korjenevsky, Lenin, Korumdu.These are ideal places for those who want to enjoy visiting of jailoo - high altitude summer pastures, ride on yaks, drink tasty kymyz (fermented mare’s milk) and see the high-mountainous lakes. Group of CBT Sary-Mogol can help you if you are interested in getting to know these attractions; they also can organize folklore show, national horse games with your participation. The nights would be pleasant in a yurt on the shore of Tulpar-Kol, on the foot of Lenin Peak and give you the impression that the world is at your feet, since Milky Way is the only thing above!




http://cbtkyrgyzstan.kg/images/stories/site/office.gif" >Sary-Mogol village, Alay Region, Osh Oblast, Kyrgyzstan


http://cbtkyrgyzstan.kg/images/stories/site/phone.gif" >phone:++996 773 50 59 39, ++996 556 09 26 27

http://cbtkyrgyzstan.kg/images/stories/site/mail.gif" >e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact person: Abdilla Tashbekov

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Flowers of Alay Valley

These photos are taken from the trips done to Alay valley. They were collected from different mountains and places.    

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SouthernOsh, Kyrgyzstan’s second largest city, holds about 250,000 people.  One of Central Asia’s oldest cities, Osh is said to be older than Rome.  A number of legends depict its history dating back to the fifth century BC:  Alexander the Great passed nearby on his way to India, King Solomon slept on “Solomon’s Throne” and Bobur the Lion, conqueror of India even stayed here.

One of the Central Asia’s best open markets is here, the central bazaar crowded with Kyrgyz, Uzbek and Tajik offering everything from seasonal fruits and vegetables to traditional hats, knives and horseshoe. Craftsmen still employ ancient technologies for making everyday knives, horseshoes and steel home decorations.

The center of Osh holds Suleiman Mountain, throne of King Solomon. According to legend, the mountain appeared only after King Solomon rested here. For Central Asian Muslims Taht-I-Suleiman is the third most sacred place after Mecca and Medina. At the summit an ancient mosque built by Bobur in 1510 still operates. There is also unique museum in the natural cave.

The Pamir highway, leading to thee Kyrgyz-Tajik border and main Pamir-Alai road to Kashgar (China), starts in Osh.

City tour

I.     Sulaiman-Too, a unique natural and historical sight of Kyrgyzstan, including:   

  1. A Bronze Age settlement. The settlement dates back about 3,000 years, as proved by wide-scale excavations. 
  2. A cave complex. The exhibits are dedicated to various religious traditions originating in extreme antiquity (Zoroastrian cult, Buddhism, shamanism, Christianity and Islam). 
  3. Visiting the sacred sites. There are many of them inside Grand Suleiman-Too as well as caves and stones, which are considered to cover the whole Central Asia’s Muslim heritage from ancient to modern times. 
  4. Archaeological and cultural monuments. On the peak of Sulaiman-Too a unique single chamber mosque of the Fergana School (the 16-17th Centuries) known as the Prophet Sulaiman (or Solomon) Mosque. The Asaf-Ibn-Burkhiya Mausoleum and the Ravvat Abdullah Khan Mosque are located beneath the mountain.

     5.    Unique petroglyphs dating back 5,000-6,000 years.

Excursion 2-2.5 hours

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DESCRIPTION:    Ride on a horse in the most glorious and gorgeous oblast in Kyrgyzstan! See yaks, a hail storm, and amazing peaks. Conquer the greatest peaks of the region!

ITINERARY:  Osh city – Sarymogol village – Jitpick Pass 4185 m –Kojokelen village – Sarybell Pass 3100 m – Koshmoinok valley – Sarymogol valley – Sarymogl pass 4300 m –  Sarymogol  village - Osh city

Day 1. Sarymogol village  -  Jiptick pass 4185 m – down to Jiptick summer camp (shepherd’s yurts)

Short instruction on horse riding. Four hours of riding takes you to the top of the Jiptick pass, 4185 m. Break for lunch at the top. Enjoy the beauty of two mountain ranges: Pamir and Alay. Descend the pass and arrive at shepherd’s yurts (3 hours).  Set up your tents near yurts and experience the shepherd’s life.  Overnight in tents at 2600 m.

Day 2. Jiptick jailoo  – Kojokelen village -  Kosh-Moynok valley

Breakfast. Morning life seems to keep locals busy with milking cows and making creams. Begin the day by riding down to Kojokelen village (3 hours). Have lunch in guesthouse on arrival, then ride across beautiful landscape and cross the Sarybel pass at 3100 m. From there, ride down to Kosh Moynok valley. Overnight and dinner in tent.


Day 3. Koshmoinok pass – northern Sary-Mogol valley


Long day of riding. Cross Kosh Moynok pass at 3223m and ride down to Kichik Alay valley (3 hours). Picnic on the road. Then, continue riding to northern Sary Mogul valley. In the afternoon, you will reach the campsite near shepherd’s yurt. Overnight in a tent.


Day 4. Foot of Sary Mogul Pass

After breakfast, ride up along the river. See many yaks and other animals such as sheep, goats and cows. Picnic on the road. In the afternoon, you will reach the campsite under Sary Mogul pass. Overnight in tent, at 3800m.


Day 5. Sary Mogul pass at 4300m.

In fact, the distance is not long, but the pass takes time. The pass is located at 4320m. The view from the pass is really beautiful. You will see small lakes down the pass. In the afternoon, walk around the lake and see the glaciers right next to your tents. Night in tent.


Day 6. Southern Sary-Mogul valley


Ride down along the river that flows from the lake, with the cliffs of Pamir around you. Picnic along the river. Here, there are no trees and bushes. There are several river crossings. In late afternoon, you reach a yurt camp of former nomads. People are really friendly. They will invite you to dinner with their  welcoming families.  Enjoy the “kymyz” milk of a mare, fermented and slightly alcoholic. Relax as the master of the yurt tells you the secrets of Pamir. Night in tents.


Day 7. Sary-Mogol village
Breakfast. Departure for Sary-Mogol village. Arrival in the village. Optional, stay in the village and visit Tulparkol lake at the foot of Lenin Peak or leave for Osh city. It is just three hours to Osh city from Sarymogol.  




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The best of Alay valley, trek, 3 days

DESCRIPTION: Camp with Kyrgyz families who spend their summers tending and protecting their herds of sheep.  Follow ancient trails as you move from jailoo to jailoo. As you approach the summit of Kumbell Pass, the air becomes cold and fresh. At the top, you are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the sweeping expanse of the Alay valley.

ITINERARY:  Osh city – Kum Bell Pass 3150 m – Saryoi summer camp –Airybell Pass 3000 m – Tepshi summer camp - Osh city


Day 1. Osh city –Chyyrchyck Pass 2400 m – Kumbell Pass 3150 m - Saryoi summer camp


Departure from Osh city. One hour drive on the Pamir Highway takes you to the Chyyrchyck Pass where you start trekking. Trek three hours to get to the Kum Bell pass. On the way you can see shepherds busy with making bread and milking mares. Have lunch at the top of the pass.  Enjoy the stunning beauty of great Alay valley. Descend the pass amongst dense junipers. Arrive at locals’ camp and be accommodated in your yurt. Participate in shepherds’ life. Overnight and dinner are in a shepherd’s yurt.


Day 2. Airybll Pass 3000 m - down to Tepshi summer camp


Breakfast. Head up to the breathtaking Aiyrybell pass through ancient trails. Crossing the small streams and walking amongst bushes make it special. Lunch at the top. Descend toward summer camp Tepshi. In the afternoon, help your host to milk cows and make kymyz, fermented and slightly alcoholic mare’s milk. Overnight and dinner are in a shepherd’s yurt.


Day 3. Karabulak village - down to Osh city.


Breakfast. Three hours trek down the pass takes you to the main road. Enjoy walking down through the yurts of nomads and experiencing the Kyrgyz life in these gorgeous mountains around Karabulak village. Meet your driver to return to Osh. 






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DESCRIPTION: Observe wildlife in a protected natural park. Escape the summer heat of the Ferghana Valley. Relax in solitude surrounded by the cool juniper forests of the Kyrgyz Ata National Reserve.  The sound of flowing water and birdsong provides a serene environment for hiking along ancient nomadic trails.  Keen eyes may spot furry marmots, soaring eagles and other birdlife. Walk in the cool dawn around the summer camps of local Kyrgyz herdsmen busy with milking cows and mares.  Spend one (or more) evenings under the wide starry sky and sleep soundly after hours of fun in the fresh mountain air.

ITINERARY: Osh city – Nookat village – Kyrgyzata (national park) - Karagoi summer camp – Nookat village – Osh city.

Day 1. Nookat village - Kyrgyz Ata National Park

Drive to Kyrgyzata (national reserve) by car (2 hours). Walk up to the summit of the mountain (3400 m) and down to the shepherd’s yurts (4 hours). Set up your tents near the yurts. Participate in the shepherd’s daily activities. Overnight and dinner are in tents.

Day 2. Morning walking around –  Osh city

Get up at dawn and have a breakfast. Morning life is the busiest time for locals. Enjoy walking around the yurts to experience a true Kyrgyz traditional life. Return to the car and drive to Osh city. 

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Tulparkul lake in Pamirs

Tulparkul lake lays at the foot of Lenin Peak, the highest peak in Pamir mountains at 7134 meters. The peak can be climbed through professional companies, but just getting to the yurt camp at the lake and hiking around gets you close to the peak Lenin, the glacier, and the surrounding valleys. Spend a sunny day relaxing at this alpine lake and enjoying warm yak milk inside the comfortable yurts. The area offers activities for all types of travelers, whether trekking, horse riding in Pamirs, playing traditional Kyrgyz games or just enjoying traditional Kyrgyz hospitality.

How to get there: You go to Sarymogol village. Face the direction of Lenin Peak and get the river. Cross the river and get on the unpaved road  while facing Lenin Peak. Keep waling about 25 km. You will see rolling hills when you get close to the lake. The CBT signs take you to the yurts.

The yurt camp itself is a 6-7 walk in from Sary Mogol village, or you can take transport for 2000som (per car). You can also take a horse from Sary Mogol for 1000som, which is a 4-5 hour ride in. Upon arrival at the yurt camp, you are sitting right on Tulpar Lake, and if the sky is clear you have a great view of Peak Lenin (7136m).  The lake is at 3500m, so you are high by this time already. Staying in a yurt is 550som per night (breakfast included), lunches and dinners provided for 250som each. You can pack a tent and pitch it nearby for free and cook for yourself, or camp and buy meals through the eje. It does get cold in the tents due to the elevation, and the yurts stay nice and warm with coal burning stoves. If you are in a tent, bring very warm sleeping bags and clothing.

The walk towards Peak Lenin glacier takes you straight up the valley into the Pamirs.  You are in sight of the peak the whole time, with the river on your right. You will pass Peak Lenin Base Camp about 30 minutes in, and then continue, crossing several run off streams. Some areas have tricky footing, and as everywhere in Alay, beware marmot holes.  Once you get to the end of the valley you will need to descend to a stream to cross over to the glacier. This stream may be very fast and impassable. From the stream, it takes another 20 minutes to get to the glacier, which you can view from a small hill above it. Get back to the camp the same way you went. You can also do this entire trek with horses from the yurt camp.

There are other hikes and horse treks to do in this area, and if the weather is good, you could spend several days exploring and relaxing from the yurt camp.

The CBT office in Sary Mogol can set up your stay at the yurt camp, as well as transport be it vehicular or equine. The coordinator is Abdilla and the contact is ++996 773 50 59 39, ++996 556 09 26 27, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The office/guesthouse is located in Sary Mogol village.  To get to Sary Mogol from Osh, you can take share taxis from the car park near Kelechek bazaar.  Cost should be 400som. When you enter the village, turn left in the centre of town (there is a Hospitality KG sign).  Turn left again at the next chance and arrive at the guesthouse.


Latitude    39°30'7.33"N

Longitude    72°55'45.15"E

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