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Great Pamir Highway

Day 1. Osh – Sarymogol village – Tulparkol lake.

Breakfast. Drive to Sarymogol village, 4 hours. A nice valley opens up when you reach Taldyck pass (3600 meter). Green pastures with yaks scattered around. Arrival in Sarymogol village and cross the river to get to yurt camp at Tulparkol lake (3500 m). Enjoy the beauty of long stretched glaciers of Lenin Peak (7134 m). Walk around the lake.   Overnight & dinner in yurt.

Day 2. Tulparkol lake – border crossings – Karakul lake – Murgab village

Breakfast. Travel to Murgab village (6 hours). Cross the Kyrgyz border and drive on no man’s land about 20 km to get to Tajik border point. Nice Kyzylart pass (4280 m) and snowcapped glaciers at roadside. Cross Tajik border and head up to Karakul lake, 1 hour. Totally different landscape and relief opens up in front of you. Have lunch in guesthouse at Karakul lake. Short walk in the village. Travel goes on to Murgab via the highest pass Akbaital ( 4655 m) you will ever do in Tajikistan. Take photos of glaciers on the pass and be accommodated in a guesthouse, 3 hours. Optional, you can do a detour to Rangkul village and camel riding if you are not tired of driving before arriving in Murgab village.

Day 3. Murgab village – Madyan valley – Observotory – Alichur village

Morning drive to Madyan valley along a green lush riverside pastures, 1 hour. Trek up to the hot springs. Back to your car. Drive to a so called Observatory hill. You will see nice view of Muztak Ata peak of China on top of the hill if no clouds on the sky. Down the hill there is a soviet truck full of skulls of Marco Polo sheep inside. Once upon a time it was a hunting camp. Back to the main road and drive to Alichur village. Overnight and dinner in a guesthouse.

Day 4. Alichur  Bulungkul lake – Kargush pass – Wakhan corridor — Langar village

Breakfast. Travel to Langar village. We do a detour on the way by visiting Bulungkul lake. There is a small village next to the lake. Enjoy the geysers gushing on the way. See the lake and drive up to see the bigger Yashil kul lake. Back to the highway and head up to Langar village over the pass Kargush (4 344m). After the pass, travel follows the river Pamir, with the chance to admire the Big Pamir of Afghanistan with nomadic Afghan Kyrgyz caravans. Great rugged Hindu Kush mountain ranges welcome you right before entering Wakhan valley.  Overnight and dinner in home stay in Langar village. Visit petroglyphs outside of the village.

Day 5. To Ishkashim.

Breakfast. Travel to Ishkashim village. We do a detour on the way to admire the 12th century Yamchun Fortress rising from a platform of natural rock. Walk up to edge of the fort and you will have amazing view of Wakhan valley. Further up the hillside are located the hot springs at Bibi Fatima, with its crystal waters very rich in minerals. Another fortress Khaaka comes up along the way at Namadgut village when you get closer to Ishkashim village. It is worth a 10 minutes stop. Overnight in home stay at Ishkashim village. Optional, visit Saturday market in Ishkashim between Tajiks and Afghans if you happen to be on Saturday.

Day 6. Ishkashim to Khorog

Drive to Khorog. Again we do detour on the way to visit the hot springs at Garm-e-Chasma. Nice villages on the way to have more glances at Tajik culture. Stop along the way for a picnic lunch. Arrival in a Khorog city and be accommodated in a guesthouse. Afternoon, visit the interesting Regional Museum and Central Park of Khorog city. Evening hike in a Botanical Garden that has many various plants and trees to explore.

Day 7. Khorog to Darvaz
Breakfast. Travel to Darvoz district. Gorgeous road goes along the river up to the Vanj valley where road widens up. Road continues along the Afghan border up to Kalaikhum village with picturesque scenery.  Arrival in Kalaikhum village and be accommodated in a guesthouse.

Day 8. Kalaikhum to Dushanbe. 
After breakfast driving to Dushanbe along the Pang river with amazing views and traveling through numerous local villages. Deep rocky valleys and gorgeous mountains accompany you up to the Shurobod pass before Kulab village. Lunch in a Chaikana (local cafes). Visit 11th century Hulbuk Palace and one the world’s highest hydro power station Nurek. In the evening, arrival in Dushanbe. Accommodation in your hotel.

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