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Friday, 22 January 2016 10:04

Truly nomadic land, horseback, 5 days

DESCRIPTION: Amazing mountain ranges with rivers running along the trails make this tour interesting. The feeling of adventure is mirrored by the impressive landscape; green hills and snowy peaks layered over each other to create a spectacular scene with only the grazing sheep to remind you that this is Earth.  At the highest peak of the mountain pass, the snow blows all around, impressing on you the ruggedness of such a remote land. The hand waving of nomads and children shouting “Hello” is the essence of this tour.


ITINERARY:  Osh city – Murdash village - Uchdobo summer camp – Ak tor Pass 3600 m  –Saryoi summer camp – Kumbell pass 3100 m – Chyyrchyck pass 2400 m - Osh city

Day 1. Osh city - Murdash village – Uchdobo summer camp


Departure from Osh city. Arrival in Murdash village. Ride your horses up along the river in a nice gorge. See locals busy with making hay for winter. Six hours riding takes you to the shepherd’s yurts. Camp near them under Asan Korgon mountain. Overnight in tents at 2600 m.

Day 2. Aktor Pass 3500 m – down to northern Asan Korgon valley


Breakfast. Morning life seems to be busy with milking cows and mares. Ride up to the Aktor Pass at 3500 m. Have lunch under the pass. Enjoy the beauty of rocky mountains on the top. Descend the pass and arrive in the valley. Camp overnight in tents. 

Day 3. Saryoi summer camp.


Breakfast. Take a long ride along the river and see animals scattered along the slopes. Shepherds bring their livestock to this valley from all over the region. Have lunch close to the shepherd’s shelter. Continue riding to Saryoi summer camp where yurts are waiting for you.  Arrival at CBT yurts and accommodation. Walk around to see nomadic life. Overnight in yurts. 


Day 4. Kum Bell pass – Beshkonush gorge - Chyyrchyck summer camp

Breakfast. Say goodbye to your host. Ride up to Kum Bell mountains. Breath in the special scent coming from juniper trees. Have lunch at the pass. Cross the pass and descend to Beshkonush valley. Ride amongst the herds of horses up to the CBT yurts. Arrival in Chyyrchyck pass at 2400 m and be accommodated in yurts. Overnight and dinner with shepherds.    


Day 5. Osh city

Breakfast. Leave Chyyrchyck summer camp. Meet your driver. One hour drive takes you to Osh city. 


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Friday, 22 January 2016 04:04

Osh to Sarytash road

The part of Pamir Highway starting from Osh city to Sarytash village gives the most spectacular view. Some Russian sources say that it is the most beautiful road in the world. Just come and enjoy the beauty while you are in Kyrgyzstan. 

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Friday, 22 January 2016 04:02

Murdash village

Murdash village is 100 km from Osh city. It is in Alay valley, just 15 km from Gulcha to the south east. Murdash village offers amazing trekking opportunites. You can go to Kojokelen village in three days from this village. The trekking route from Murdash to Sary summer camp is two days walk with amazing passes, rivers and juniper forests. Just going to Murdash in itself is interesting. 


Latitude   40° 9'20.65"N   

Longitude    73°27'53.34"E  

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Friday, 22 January 2016 03:26

Aktor pass

Aktor pass is at 3500 meter above sea level and located in Asankorgon mountain range at the entrance of Alay valley. The pass can be reached either from Murdash village in southern valley or from Saryoi summer camp in northern valley. Just go to the end of the Murdash village and turn right at the first gorge. Walk around 14 km on unpaved road and turn right to the small gorge where you ascend the pass. It takes about four hours to get to the pass. You can see locals who camp in these areas with their livestock during summer season.


Latitude   40° 4'46.21"N 

Longitude    73°19'7.17"E

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