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Friday, 22 January 2016 04:16

Tuiuck gorge in Pamirs

Tuiuck is the neighboring gorge located next to the base camp of Lenin Peak.  It can be reached from Tulparkul lake. Nice place to enjoy the glaciers and easier to get to glaciers than the way from base camp of Lenin Peak.


Latitude     39°28'10.38"N

Longitude     73° 0'9.47"E

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Friday, 22 January 2016 04:10

Sary Oi summer camp

The best yurt stay near Osh city

Stay in a yurt at Sary Oi summer camp near Osh city. It is just an hour drive and 20 minutes’ walk to get to the yurts. Sary Oi is the place where locals from neighborhood areas go in summer time. They come here to follow the old tradition of making national drink “kymyz” fermented horse's milk and pasture their livestock.

Why to go to Sary Oi summer camp?
Experience Kyrgyz nomadic life by staying close to the shepherds. See how national drink “kymyz” is made and why it is so popular. Help the locals to milk cows and mares. Make bread on a heated stove by fire. Feel the authentic culture and the hospitality of nomads.
This is the most scenic spot located between rugged Asan Korgon and Kumbell mountains. The views falling into the yurt are spectacular. The sound of flowing water and birdsong provides a serene environment for hiking along ancient nomadic trails.
Escape the heat of Fergana valley. Osh is it too hot in summer. Just pack your things and go to this Sary Oi yurt camp. Relax in solitude surrounded by the cool evergreen juniper forests of Sary Oi

What to do around Sary Oi summer camp?
Sary Oi has so many hiking trekking options. You can either stay near your yurt and walk around or do multi day treks taking to different villages. A day trek “Kumbell Mountains” can take you to Chyyirchyk pass wherefrom you can take a shared taxi to Osh city. Two days trek “Best Short Trek Outside Osh” city starts in Sary Oi summer camp and ends in Murdash valley with one overnight under crazy and picturesque Aktor pass. Also 3 days “Rolling Hills” and 5 days “Truly Nomadic Land” horseback tours pass by Sary Oi. Come and enjoy crazy mountain sceneries surrounding this summer camp.

How to get to Sary Oi summer camp?
Arrange your private transport with us. Or you can take shared taxi heading to Gulcha village. This road is a part of Pamir Highway staring from Osh city. Drive 70 km on and get off your car when it reaches the point called Ak Tam with some walnut trees on the right where you can also see CBT sign with directions. Get into this gorge and walk along the river on unpaved road all the way to yurts, 3hr.

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Friday, 22 January 2016 04:08

Sarymogol village

”Sary-Mogol” does not say us something, but if you want to reach Lenin Peak, you should go first to Sary-Mogol Village, which is situated on the foot of Lenin Peak. Pamir-Alay mountain ranges constitute the basis of mountainous system of South Kyrgyzstan.The highest point, Lenin Peak, is situated in Alay Valley, and rise above Chon-Alay Range – 7134 meters above sea-level. These ranges have an alpine relief, thus the highest areas covered by snow and glaciers. In Osh oblast there are 1,5 thousand glaciers, with total volume of 1546,3km3. The biggest glaciers are in Chon-Alay Range (total area of 693, 3km2,and in number of 215). Amongst these glaciers are Korjenevsky, Lenin, Korumdu.These are ideal places for those who want to enjoy visiting of jailoo - high altitude summer pastures, ride on yaks, drink tasty kymyz (fermented mare’s milk) and see the high-mountainous lakes. Group of CBT Sary-Mogol can help you if you are interested in getting to know these attractions; they also can organize folklore show, national horse games with your participation. The nights would be pleasant in a yurt on the shore of Tulpar-Kol, on the foot of Lenin Peak and give you the impression that the world is at your feet, since Milky Way is the only thing above!


Latitude      39°40'38.73"N

Longitude     72°52'55.19"E

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Friday, 22 January 2016 04:07

Sarybell pass

Sarybell pass is located in Kichick Alay region. It can be reached from Kojokelen village.  It is around 3100 meter above sea level. Just four trekking takes you the pass from Kojokelen village. After pass you descend to Koshmoinok valley. You can multi day treks around the this area.


Latitude    39°56'13.97"N

Longitude   72°53'17.40"E

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Friday, 22 January 2016 04:02

Murdash village

Murdash village is 100 km from Osh city. It is in Alay valley, just 15 km from Gulcha to the south east. Murdash village offers amazing trekking opportunites. You can go to Kojokelen village in three days from this village. The trekking route from Murdash to Sary summer camp is two days walk with amazing passes, rivers and juniper forests. Just going to Murdash in itself is interesting. 


Latitude   40° 9'20.65"N   

Longitude    73°27'53.34"E  

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Friday, 22 January 2016 03:57

Kungelek village

Kungelek village is in Alay valley. It is 125 km from Osh city on the way to Sarytash. The village is right at the entrance to the nice gorge. You can walk into this gorge and reach the yurt of shepherds in four hours. Right at the end the gorge there is a trail that goes up to the top of the mountains where you will have very nice view of Alay valley. 


Latitude      39°40'38.73"N

Longitude     72°52'55.19"E

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Friday, 22 January 2016 03:55

Koshmoinok valley

Koshmoinok valley is in Kichik Alay region. It is between two passes Sarybell and Koshmoink. This valley offers nice route to do trekking around. There are many shepherds who come and camp here for three monthes. Right to the south of the valley there is a gorge which takes to the glaciers.  


Latitude    39°56'34.80"N

Longitude    72°52'8.07"E

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Friday, 22 January 2016 03:54

Kojokelen village

Kojokelen is in Kichik Alay region, 95 km from Osh city. There are about 100 households live in the village. Several people offer guesthouses. It is located in a big gorge covered with juinper trees on its both slopes. There is a river flowing towards the north. It is very famous river with its trout. 


Latitude   39°57'46.77"N

Longitude   72°57'38.02"E

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Friday, 22 January 2016 03:52

Josholu village

Josholu village is in Alay region. It is the next village after Gulcha and 120 km from Osh city. The village is landlocked in a long gorge. The end point of the gorge is very beautifull. You can do here muity day trekks and the yurts of shepherds are also just few hours far from the village. There are several guesthouses. You can also hirse a horse if you ilke to visit some summer camps. 


Latitude     40°20'11.14"N

Longitude   73°40'9.62"E  

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Friday, 22 January 2016 03:51

Jiptick summer camp

Jiptick summer camp is in three hours walking distance from Kojokelen village. The unpaved raod goes alng the river up to the summer camp. You can see some locals mowing a grass and preparing it for winter fodder. There are several shepherds at the end of the gorge. They offer accomodaion and meals in a yurt. Some toursits use their srvices before the head up to Jiptick pass.  


Latitude    39°52'19.28"N

Longitude   72°57'20.33"E

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