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Friday, 22 January 2016 12:19

A day with nomads, horseback, 1 day

Description: Discover the beauty of the Alai valley the way locals do on horseback.  This tour gives you the opportunity to visit and see Kyrgyz families who spend their summers tending to and protecting their herds of sheep and horses.  Follow ancient trails as you move from jailoo to jailoo, while your surefooted horses find their way along wild river gorges. Summer is a time for fun. Join the cheers as the local people of Alay gather for popular horse riding games on Sundays.  People come from miles around to show off their riding skills and to drink locally produced kymyz (fermented horses’ milk).

Itinerary: Osh city – Chyyrchyck pass, 2400 m - Osh city


Osh city – Chyyrchyck pass, 2400 m - Osh city


Departure from Osh city. One hour’s drive takes us to the Chyiyrchyck Pass at 2400 m. It is just 60 km from Osh city on the Pamir Highway. Upon arrival you will see scattered yurts of nomads on both slopes of the pass. Meet your horses and ride through nice hills. Enjoy experiencing the traditional life of locals. Then return to the starting point and take your transport back to Osh.


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DESCRIPTION:    Ride on a horse in the most glorious and gorgeous oblast in Kyrgyzstan! See yaks, a hail storm, and amazing peaks. Conquer the greatest peaks of the region!

ITINERARY:  Osh city – Sarymogol village – Jitpick Pass 4185 m –Kojokelen village – Sarybell Pass 3100 m – Koshmoinok valley – Sarymogol valley – Sarymogl pass 4300 m –  Sarymogol  village - Osh city

Day 1. Sarymogol village  -  Jiptick pass 4185 m – down to Jiptick summer camp (shepherd’s yurts)

Short instruction on horse riding. Four hours of riding takes you to the top of the Jiptick pass, 4185 m. Break for lunch at the top. Enjoy the beauty of two mountain ranges: Pamir and Alay. Descend the pass and arrive at shepherd’s yurts (3 hours).  Set up your tents near yurts and experience the shepherd’s life.  Overnight in tents at 2600 m.

Day 2. Jiptick jailoo  – Kojokelen village -  Kosh-Moynok valley

Breakfast. Morning life seems to keep locals busy with milking cows and making creams. Begin the day by riding down to Kojokelen village (3 hours). Have lunch in guesthouse on arrival, then ride across beautiful landscape and cross the Sarybel pass at 3100 m. From there, ride down to Kosh Moynok valley. Overnight and dinner in tent.


Day 3. Koshmoinok pass – northern Sary-Mogol valley


Long day of riding. Cross Kosh Moynok pass at 3223m and ride down to Kichik Alay valley (3 hours). Picnic on the road. Then, continue riding to northern Sary Mogul valley. In the afternoon, you will reach the campsite near shepherd’s yurt. Overnight in a tent.


Day 4. Foot of Sary Mogul Pass

After breakfast, ride up along the river. See many yaks and other animals such as sheep, goats and cows. Picnic on the road. In the afternoon, you will reach the campsite under Sary Mogul pass. Overnight in tent, at 3800m.


Day 5. Sary Mogul pass at 4300m.

In fact, the distance is not long, but the pass takes time. The pass is located at 4320m. The view from the pass is really beautiful. You will see small lakes down the pass. In the afternoon, walk around the lake and see the glaciers right next to your tents. Night in tent.


Day 6. Southern Sary-Mogul valley


Ride down along the river that flows from the lake, with the cliffs of Pamir around you. Picnic along the river. Here, there are no trees and bushes. There are several river crossings. In late afternoon, you reach a yurt camp of former nomads. People are really friendly. They will invite you to dinner with their  welcoming families.  Enjoy the “kymyz” milk of a mare, fermented and slightly alcoholic. Relax as the master of the yurt tells you the secrets of Pamir. Night in tents.


Day 7. Sary-Mogol village
Breakfast. Departure for Sary-Mogol village. Arrival in the village. Optional, stay in the village and visit Tulparkol lake at the foot of Lenin Peak or leave for Osh city. It is just three hours to Osh city from Sarymogol.  




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