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Sunday, 30 April 2017 05:26

Kumbell mountains

Duration:  daytrip
Best Season:April - October
Difficulty:Moderate, passes at 3 154 m
Requirements: Trekking shoes,

waterproof clothes, hat, sunscreen & sunglasses

Distance:16 km in trekking 


DESCRIPTION: Visit a Kyrgyz summer camp (jailoo) to experience traditional nomadic life. Join in as

your Kyrgyz host milks the mares for the essential ingredient of Kyrgyz’s national

beverage, kymyz. Taste national dishes in an authentic yurt. Spend a day walking or riding

among the fragrant juniper forests, valued for their medicinal benefits. Relax near the cool springs and streams. Join the shepherds herding their flocks. Conquer the high rocky slopes of the Alay mountains.


ITINERARY:  Osh city –Chyyrchyck Pass 2400 m – Kumbell Pass 3154 m - Saryoi summer camp – Osh city

Departure from Osh city. One hour drive on Pamir Highway takes you to the Chyyirchyck Pass. Start trekking. Trek three hours to get to the Kum Bell pass 3154 meter. See shepherds busy with making bread and milking mares on the way. Have lunch at the top of the pass.  Enjoy the stunning beauty of great Alay valley. Descend through the pass amongst evergreens. Arrive at locals’ camp and have a hot tea in a yurt. Meet your driver and go back to Osh city, 2 hours. 

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Saturday, 30 January 2016 14:21

Visit Alay Project Report

The report of Visit Alay project actvities is attached in both Russian and English. See the attchement below.  

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Saturday, 30 January 2016 14:17

CBT Alay

CBT Alay is a local NGO located in Gulcha village. It was registered and began to work in 2007. The goal of the group is to promote jailoo tourism in Alay valley and help locals to generate profit from offering services to tourists. Over the last 6 years, it has developed trekking, hiking and yurtstays. CBT Alay runs its office in Osh city to attract tourists to its destinations. Currently, it has seven permanent workers to who run CBT Alay.

The wise regent of Alay, Kurmanjan Datka, loved her motherland. She lived about a century and was permanently delighted by the nature of the Great Alay : the wide and fertile Alay Valley, celestial mountains of Alay Range and healing thermal springs. If you would like to visit Alay, the group of CBT Alay would be more than glad to welcome you and offer you various tours and programs. Here you can see the geographical peculiarities of these places-combinations of high mounts, small hills - adyrs and submontane trough. The unique beauty of Alay Valley will be revealed when you will go up to the Chiyrchyk Pass on the back of the horse (80 km from Osh town). In the Jyluu Suu area hot mineral springs, famous with its curative properties are found. You can visit Jailoo – high altitude summer pastures – Kara-Bulak, Chyirchyk, Taldy-Suu. Nearly every family has members that are handicraft workers; they make “kurak” (patchworks), “terme” (wicker-work) and “saima” (embroidery). Silver works masters would show you their fine works. In Gulcho you can stay in cozy guesthouses along the way to Erkechtam (Chinese border). You will feel very comfortable in our guesthouses and the hosts will be looking forward your visit. They will certainly welcome you and your family with Kyrgyz hospitality.




http://cbtkyrgyzstan.kg/images/office.gif" >280 Kurmanjan Datka St. (2nd floor, hotel "Alay"), Osh Oblast, Kyrgyzstan


http://cbtkyrgyzstan.kg/images/phone.gif" >phone:++996 3222 20276, ++ 996 555 077621


Contact person: Talant Toksonbaev

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The guest house "YURT CAMP ALAI" began to operate in 2010. At first it was opened as a guest house and offered only lunch service for tourists. Now it offers: yurtstay, short day trekking around the village, demonstration of shyrdak (felt making). Many Tour Companies stop by here to arrange a lunch for their tourists on their way to Sarytash village and beyond. Here at this place you can have local dishes as besh barmak, kattama, bооrsоk.

The guesthouse amenities include:

- Breakfast (buffet)

- Complex lunch (European, national)

- Complex dinner (European, national)


- Shower, bath

- Shop bar




59 T. Beketaev Str., Chakmak village, Alay region, Osh oblast


mobile: + 996 777 01 97 24/ 559 28 05 82/ 773 00 79 73

email:      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact person:  Saparbaeva Ainura

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Sunday, 24 January 2016 04:58

What travelers say about Alay valley

Embarking the Pamir Highway, I watched as the city of Osh transformed into rolling hills and the Alay Valley rose above us.  Stopping in the small village of Sary-Oi, it was easy to imagine departing on a horsetrek and staying in the yurts sitting quietly in these peaceful green hills.  Further down the road, the villages of Gulcha and Kyrkyl offered pretty B&Bs and curious collections of handicrafts.  The local people of the Alay Valley showed joy and generosity making the landscape shine even brighter with beauty.

The Pamir Highway climbed higher among the Alay Mountains.  The feeling of adventure was mirrored by the impressive landscape; green hills, red cliffs and snowy peaks layered each other to create a spectacular scene with only the grazing sheep to remind you this is Earth.  At the highest peak of the mountain pass, the snow blew all around, impressing the ruggedness of such a remote land.

Descending the pass, the mountain village and Silk Road post of Sary-Tash appeared to welcome us with hot food, a warm bed and smiling faces.  At the convergence of routes to China, Tajikistan and northern Kyrgyzstan, Sary-Tash has offered more than just hospitality for travelers throughout history.  Its legacy supersedes it's unassuming quietness, but is reflected in the towering backdrop of the Pamir Mountain range overlooking the town.

West of Sary-Tash is Sarymogol, a quiet village equipped with an excellent CBT office and knowledgeable staff.  This is the starting point for a multitude of one- day or multi-day hikes or horse treks throughout the Pamirs, many with yurt stays.  We ventured by 4WD vehicle to a yurt community at the base of Peak Lenin, the highest peak in the Pamirs at 7134 metres.  From here, experienced climbers can reach the peak on a long distance trek.  However, we spent the sunny day lazing at the alpine lake Tulpar Köl and enjoying warm yak milk inside the comfortable yurts.  The Pamirs offer a variety of activities for all types of travelers, whether trekking, horseback riding, playing traditional Kyrgyz games or just enjoying traditional Kyrgyz hospitality.

Continuing west of Sarymogol to the villages of Daroot-Korgon and Zhashtilek, the drive is that of unforgettable scenery.  The expansive, snowy Pamirs stand impressively behind green pastures, grazing horses and sheep, rivers and cliffs.  Each village along the way is home to welcoming B&Bs and Zhashtilek is the starting point for a four day horse trek through the Alay Mountains to the village of Kyzyl-Kiya.  The stretch of the Alay Valley sitting between the Alay and Pamir mountain ranges is spectacularly remote and a virtually unexplored part of Central Asia.  If you are looking for a truly unique experience, the Alay Valley has everything for you to create your own adventure.

Exiting the Alay Valley East through the Pamirs into China, I was left with a great sense of history and continuity.  The Silk Road and routes out of Central Asia have settled in the Alay Valley, but the spectacular yet peaceful landscape offers much more than transit.  Its mystery and reservation impresses a powerful energy upon travelers passing through, an energy that I hope will remain beautiful and unique for time to come.



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Saturday, 23 January 2016 10:40

About us

Visit Alay is a tourism development project in Alay and Chong Alay regions. The goal is to help the region to become tourist destination. Now these two regions Alay and Chong Alay are being promoted under the brand Visit Alay. It cooperates with all the tourist organizations and infrastructure of Alay valley. In summer of 2015, it opened two Tourist Information Offices in Osh city and Sarymogol village to attract foreign tourists and promote the tours of the region. The current website is being developed to demonstrate all possible information ranging from tours to sightseeing of Alay valley. Therefore, all the information, photos and tour contained in this website belong to Alay and Chong Alay region

Visit Alay is financed by the BAI ALAI Program.  BAI ALAI Program is aimed to reduce poverty in Alai and Chon Alai regions through increased income and (self-) employment - in particular for women and youth. This will be achieved by facilitating the rise of local and regional markets, leading to reduced inequalities and improved perception of life perspectives, especially for local youth.

In 2013, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) launched a new private sector development program in Osh oblast, southern Kyrgyzstan. The BAI ALAI Programme supports specifically the remote and mountainous areas of Alai and Chon Alai during its ten years implementation.

The program BAI ALAI is financed by the Government of Switzerland through SDC and is being implemented by the consortium of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and Aga Khan Foundation.

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Flowers of Alay Valley

These photos are taken from the trips done to Alay valley. They were collected from different mountains and places.    

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A day with nomads, horseback, 1 day

Description: Discover the beauty of the Alai valley the way locals do on horseback.  This tour gives you the opportunity to visit and see Kyrgyz families who spend their summers tending to and protecting their herds of sheep and horses.  Follow ancient trails as you move from jailoo to jailoo, while your surefooted horses find their way along wild river gorges. Summer is a time for fun. Join the cheers as the local people of Alay gather for popular horse riding games on Sundays.  People come from miles around to show off their riding skills and to drink locally produced kymyz (fermented horses’ milk).

Itinerary: Osh city – Chyyrchyck pass, 2400 m - Osh city


Osh city – Chyyrchyck pass, 2400 m - Osh city


Departure from Osh city. One hour’s drive takes us to the Chyiyrchyck Pass at 2400 m. It is just 60 km from Osh city on the Pamir Highway. Upon arrival you will see scattered yurts of nomads on both slopes of the pass. Meet your horses and ride through nice hills. Enjoy experiencing the traditional life of locals. Then return to the starting point and take your transport back to Osh.


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Jiptick pass 4185 m, trek, 5 days

DESCRIPTION: Experience the full diversity of the Alay region’s animal and plant life on this thrilling tour. It is possible to see wild goats and (if you are very lucky) Marco Polo sheep on the craggy mountain slopes. Herds of wild yaks can be found near the passes. There is a profusion of wildflowers carpeting the mountain valleys and wild cherry trees mixed with ever-present juniper and other medicinal plants to delight the senses. Explore cool tree-lined river gorges, feel the exhilaration of reaching a high pass, and relish the view of snow-covered Lenin Peak, the highest peak in the Pamir-Alai mountain range. The jewel of this fascinating and diverse tour is clear Lake Tulpar, ringed by the glaciers that flank Lenin Peak (7134 M).

ITINERARY:Osh city – Kojokeleng village – Jiptick Pass 4185 m  – Sarymogol village – Tulparkul lake – glaciers of Lenin Peak 7134 m  – Sarymogol village – Osh city


Day 1. Osh city – Kojokelen village -  to the foot of Jiptick pass


Drive from Osh city to Kojokelen (3 hours).  Arrival and lunch take place on the riverbank.  Travel up to the foot of Jiptik Pass (4 hours). The unpaved road runs along the river in the gorge up to the campsite. Arrival at shepherd’s yurts and dinner in a yurt. Overnight in tents. 


Day 2. From the foot to the top of the pass – down to Darbazatash valley


Enjoy breakfast. Around 9 am you will start ascending the breathtaking Jiptick pass at 4185 m (4 hours). Enjoy the stunning view of the Pamir valley as you break for a picnic lunch at the top. From there, the path descends steeply down to the Darbazatash valley (3 hours). Arrive in the valley and camp on the shore of the stream. Dinner and overnight are in tents. 


Day 3. Darbazatash valley – Sarymogol village


Breakfast. Travel to Sarymogol village. This village is the gateway to the glaciers of Lenin Peak. Lunch is in the guesthouse. After lunch, drive to Tulparkul lake near the climbers’ base camp. Walk around the lake and enjoy the beauty of Pamirs. Overnight and dinner are in a yurt.


Day 4. Around Tulparkol lake

Breakfast. Spend your day relaxing at the alpine lake Tulpar Köl and enjoying warm yak milk inside the comfortable yurts. Explore and experience Kyrgyz traditional life in Pamirs. Take your time to go to the glaciers.


Day 5. Tulpar lake – Sarymogol village – Osh city

Breakfast. Say good bye to your host and begin the nice drive back to Osh city through the impressive landscape; green hills, red cliffs and snowy peaks layered over each other to create a spectacular scene. Arrival in Osh city at lunch time. 




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DESCRIPTION:    Ride on a horse in the most glorious and gorgeous oblast in Kyrgyzstan! See yaks, a hail storm, and amazing peaks. Conquer the greatest peaks of the region!

ITINERARY:  Osh city – Sarymogol village – Jitpick Pass 4185 m –Kojokelen village – Sarybell Pass 3100 m – Koshmoinok valley – Sarymogol valley – Sarymogl pass 4300 m –  Sarymogol  village - Osh city

Day 1. Sarymogol village  -  Jiptick pass 4185 m – down to Jiptick summer camp (shepherd’s yurts)

Short instruction on horse riding. Four hours of riding takes you to the top of the Jiptick pass, 4185 m. Break for lunch at the top. Enjoy the beauty of two mountain ranges: Pamir and Alay. Descend the pass and arrive at shepherd’s yurts (3 hours).  Set up your tents near yurts and experience the shepherd’s life.  Overnight in tents at 2600 m.

Day 2. Jiptick jailoo  – Kojokelen village -  Kosh-Moynok valley

Breakfast. Morning life seems to keep locals busy with milking cows and making creams. Begin the day by riding down to Kojokelen village (3 hours). Have lunch in guesthouse on arrival, then ride across beautiful landscape and cross the Sarybel pass at 3100 m. From there, ride down to Kosh Moynok valley. Overnight and dinner in tent.


Day 3. Koshmoinok pass – northern Sary-Mogol valley


Long day of riding. Cross Kosh Moynok pass at 3223m and ride down to Kichik Alay valley (3 hours). Picnic on the road. Then, continue riding to northern Sary Mogul valley. In the afternoon, you will reach the campsite near shepherd’s yurt. Overnight in a tent.


Day 4. Foot of Sary Mogul Pass

After breakfast, ride up along the river. See many yaks and other animals such as sheep, goats and cows. Picnic on the road. In the afternoon, you will reach the campsite under Sary Mogul pass. Overnight in tent, at 3800m.


Day 5. Sary Mogul pass at 4300m.

In fact, the distance is not long, but the pass takes time. The pass is located at 4320m. The view from the pass is really beautiful. You will see small lakes down the pass. In the afternoon, walk around the lake and see the glaciers right next to your tents. Night in tent.


Day 6. Southern Sary-Mogul valley


Ride down along the river that flows from the lake, with the cliffs of Pamir around you. Picnic along the river. Here, there are no trees and bushes. There are several river crossings. In late afternoon, you reach a yurt camp of former nomads. People are really friendly. They will invite you to dinner with their  welcoming families.  Enjoy the “kymyz” milk of a mare, fermented and slightly alcoholic. Relax as the master of the yurt tells you the secrets of Pamir. Night in tents.


Day 7. Sary-Mogol village
Breakfast. Departure for Sary-Mogol village. Arrival in the village. Optional, stay in the village and visit Tulparkol lake at the foot of Lenin Peak or leave for Osh city. It is just three hours to Osh city from Sarymogol.  




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